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Welcome What’s Not To Love…

Sweet Synergy creates the most delectable array of cake truffles, cookies, and other desserts that North Carolina has to offer.

Sweet Synergy’s cake truffles and cookies are designed to be sophisticated and elegant in appearance while being executed to perfection in both taste and design.

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Our cake truffles and cookies, as well as other confections are available online daily, with 48 hour turnaround time on most orders. They can packaged as wedding favors and gifts, for weddings, parties and as corporate gifts.

Some sweetness are meant to be. Call it fortune or call it sweet……or in our case, cake truffles. My team and I strive to make people happy with delicious, delectable and creatively sweet treats.

Our cake truffles are petite, full of surprising flavor, and a sinfully delicious. We provide scratch-made, handcrafted and tailor-made delectable that reflect and celebrate in the joys of our clients’ lives. We launched a special line of cake truffles based on a Southern love of traditional cake and our customers’ responses. Our approach to creating cake truffles are unique in design and taste.

Sweet Synergy continues to revolutionize the cake truffle industry in this area. The response to our beloved cake truffles has been sweet! We have customers near and far to enjoy our delectable cake truffles.

We enjoy hearing our customers harmonize, hmmmm……… when they taste our truffles. Hence, ‘A Perfect Blend of Sweetness and Harmony’.

We love helping them choose a perfect flavor or design for their special occasion.

The enthusiasm for Sweet Synergy’s creations and bakery continues to grow. Stay tuned as we continue to introduce exciting new products for you to enjoy.

Bursting with A Perfect Blend of Sweetness and Harmony – We are extremely proud of our product. It would be our pleasure to deliver these wonderful portion- sized truffles directly to your door or event for your convenience upon request.*