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The Classic Collection

Pricing for the Classic Collection is 12pc-$24 | 18pc-$36 | 24pc-$48 | 36pc-$72

2012-11-09 002      Classic Champions sample     Fighting Temptations

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The Gourmet Collection

Pricing for the Gourmet Collection is  12pc-$27 | 18pc-$40.50 | 24pc-$54 | 36pc-$81

Harmony          clear and harmonious      browniesprinkles

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The Sugar Free Collection

Pricing for the Sugar Free Collection is 12pc-$30 | 18pc-$45 | 24pc-$60 | 36pc-$90

 Fighting Temptations     Southern Charm     2012-11-09 002

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The Petite Collection

Pricing for the Petite Collection is based on one of the following collections ( Classic, Gourmet, or Sugar Free)

Petite Classic Pricing is  12pc-$15 | 24pc-$30 | 36pc-$45 | 48pc-$60

Petite Gourmet Pricing is  12pc-$18 | 24pc-$36 | 36pc-$54 | 48pc-$72

Petite Sugar Free Pricing is  12pc-$24 | 24pc-$46 | 36pc-$70 | 48pc-$94

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The Specialty Collection

Pricing for the Specialty Collection is 12pc-$33 | 18pc-$49.50 | 24pc-$66 | 36pc-$99

Moscato Champagne & Rum

                                             Champange    Rum                                    


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Truffle-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pricing for the Cookies 12pc-$18 | 24pc-$36 | 36pc-$54


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What is a homemade Cake Truffle?

Cake Truffles are delicious bite-sized, portion-control pieces of moist cake blended with frostings, homemade curds, puddings, and fresh fruit hand-crafted and then hand-dipped into delectable, mouthwatering chocolates.


What is a Cake Truffle Pop?

Cake Pops are delicious bite-sized pieces of moist cake on a pop stick.


Where is Sweet Synergy – The Cake Truffle Company located?

We are home-based out of Raleigh, NC. All cakes are baked from a home kitchen which has been inspected and approved by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food and Drug Protection Division.


What is your order turnaround time?

There is a  48 business hour turn-around time for all orders of 36 cake truffles/cookies and under. This does not include the weekends (i.e., if you place an order on Friday, it will be available Tuesday, unless arrangements have been made via telephone with a Sweet Synergy representative). For orders over 36, please contact us at 919-295-2809 or before placing order.


What size are Cake and /or Pop Truffles?

Our cake truffles and cake truffle pops range from .5 to 1.5 oz. in size. They are a perfect size for those one to two delicious bites of perfection.


How long can I store my Cake Truffles?

Our Truffles can be stored airtight up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator and up to 3 months in an airtight container in the freezer. However, because of the chocolate coating, our truffles have a much longer shelf life than a regular cupcake.


How & where can I store my Cake &/or Pop Truffles?

It’s important to refrigerate your cake truffles so they stay fresh. We preferably suggest storing the cake truffles in an air tight container in the refrigerator. Be sure to thaw to room temperature before serving. Although some do prefer to eat them at room temperature, we recommend refrigeration if you will be going more than a day before serving. Our Truffles are best served slightly chilled. Cake truffles have a shelf life of a few days at room temperature and can last more than two weeks when refrigerated.


Do we deliver these homemade cake truffles and cookies?

We are proud to deliver our truffles to your desired location. We deliver to Wake, Durham, and  Johnston Counties within 30 miles for $10, and surrounding counties (Orange & Chatham) will be at a rate of $15. We also offer meet-up deliveries at a charge of half per the regular delivery  fees of each county (there must be a half-way mark in order to receive this rate).  Any traveling outside of these areas and outside of the 30 mile radius will be based on mileage. Mileage rates will be given at the time the orders are placed and in contracts for your reference.

*Deliveries and pickups are available after 5:00pm Monday – Friday, unless other arrangements have been made. *


Do we ship?

Sweet Synergy does not ship.


What do I need to know about allergens?

Cake truffles are processed in a facility that uses  wheat, eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, and soy. We try our best to make sure nuts (tree nuts, peanuts) are not used when preparing truffles that do not require them. Cake truffles may be exposed to other known allergens as well.


How do I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard via Square or PayPal ( We also accept cash and checks. Please make checks payable to “Sweet Synergy LLC”. All returned checks will incur a fee of $30. Charges will be added to your invoice and mailed or emailed to you directly. All future orders must be paid with cash or certified check.


When is payment due?

Payment is due in full within 24 hours of receiving your invoice. If you have signed a contract, 50% of the payment will be due at the time of the consultation or the signing of the contract.  The remaining balance will be due in full two weeks prior to the event.  

Do you charge taxes?

Yes. North Carolina has a sales and use tax, which applies to all out-of-state purchases of tangible personal property that would be subject to the sales tax if purchased in North Carolina. The tax rate is 6.75%.


When are we open?

Our hours of operation (Eastern Standard Time) are:

Monday – Friday: 11am to 8pm (We are available via email and phone from 11am to 8pm due to full time employment), 5:00pm to 8pm (Delivery/Pickup Mon-Fri);  (Delivery/Pickup from 9-4 on Saturdays).

Saturday: 9am to 4pm

Sunday: By appointment only.

We are also available by appointment during non-business hours. You may contact us at 919-295-2809 or


Do you provide homemade cake truffles for all occasions?

Yes. We provide cake truffles for all occasions of all sizes. We offer free consultations that would be unique for your occasion. Please contact us as soon as you know your date of event so that we can schedule a consult to discuss your options. The earlier you contact Sweet Synergy the better your chances for your date to be available and the planning can begin immediately. We cannot hold dates on our calendar if a deposit has not been secured. 


Do you offer large quantities for events and provide client gifts?

Yes. Homemade cake truffles are great desserts for large functions and make lovely gifts for clients.  


Is there a deposit or contract for weddings and other events?

Yes. We require a deposit and contract for all events. All details will be reviewed at the time of booking. There is a 50% non-refundable fee required to book your event on Sweet Synergy’s calendar, which will be applied to the cost the cake truffles.




I just want to say that the Halloween treats that Chenelle brought today are some of the most out of this world, delicious #&*%% I have ever tasted.
-Jeff T.
I had heard about Sweet Synergy and wanted to try them. I hosted a baby shower and the sweets from Sweet Synergy were the hit of the party, besides the baby of course. We had great fun sharing the different flavors. I loved it so much I’ve just ordered a bunch for our office party. Thank you to the Sweet Synergy Team for creating something so wonderful.
-Lynn Barclay
The carrot cake was our favorite.  Great taste and lovely person to do business with.  Will definitely be back.
-Sharon Allan
“The truffles are wonderful.  They were delivered to my front door exactly when they were supposed to be delivered.  They are as pretty as they are delicious.  “
-Lynda Becker
They were on time…helpful…professional. I will definitely be ordering again.-Barbara Eagles
“great dessert for a party…..they were a big hit! (and delicious.)”
-Carol Retsch-Bogart
“The delivery was prompt, the cakes are amazing. Even the box looks great, like a wrapped present :-) . The children loved the peanut butter flavor, the adults enjoyed the lemon flavor.”
-Ileana Chirila
“I had a very good experience with Sweet Synergy. Desiree helped me decide which of the many choices of truffle cakes I wanted, we decided on a delivery day and time and she brought them to the front door where I worked. Couldn’t have asked for better services!”
-Judith Benowitz
Sweet Synergy cake truffles are very tasteful! I love their prices, flavor, and size! If you want something different for a wedding, party, or event this is the company to contact!-Michelle Ifill
On behalf of me and my family we would like to give you a HUGE THANK YOU!!!The Cake Truffles that were included in my Valentine’s Day packages were absolutely delightful!!! The flavoring, moisture, and texture were baked into a perfect blend of sweetness! Both of my family’s agreed that this was a treat to die for! Continue to do what you do, because your passion, innovation, and creativity reflect in every bite of your Cake Truffles!-Tevin Daniel
The dark chocolate on key lime is something special…I think I’m in trouble girl!-Tiffany Scarlett
Ok, so I did my taste test….lol!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! They are beyond delicious!!! Thank you so much!!!! All of them were AWESOME! I thought the white chocolate would be my favorite but no I LOVED all of them! That flavor is truly out of this world!-Sherry Mack
Your truffles are outstanding. The flavors are awesome and they are each baked to sheer perfection. Can we say MELT IN YOUR MOUTH GOOD? Remember as you continue on your journey to surround yourself with people who have SENSORY LOVE for you. They HEAR your vision, they can SEE your vision , they FEEL your vision and of course they SMELL and TASTE your vision. In return make sure you also HEAR, SEE, and FEEL their support in their words, advice, and actions. Never be deterred from your vision by people who are destined to HINDER your vision. Trust your instincts but always carry a spirit of discernment with you because if it SMELLS funny or leave a bad TASTE in your mouth…then it’s not for you. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. As your future grows so will my waistline.-AJ Wesley