Chief Designer/Owner – Chenelle McInnis founded Sweet Synergy in 2011. Her love for baking begin with her Southern roots. Chenelle remembers her grandma baking cakes from scratch, measuring ingredients by eyeing them. While in high school, Chenelle had taken home economics classes and other cooking classes that earned her top overall student. This allowed Chenelle to put more emphasis on her passion for baking. She loves to see smiles of happiness when others taste her confections.

Believe it or not, Chenelle is not a big fan of eating sweets, but she certainly bakes from the heart. Intentionally, the customers should taste her passion for baking with every taste of her homemade confections. She welcomes the smiles and the heart-felt “mmmmmmmms’ she loves to hear with people taste her delectable confections. Her most prize confection are cake truffles, bite-size pieces of moist cake, dipped in chocolates. They are one-of-a-kind sweetness and baked from the heart. Chenelle’s ideal cake truffle is one that is innovative yet sophisticated. It is classic, with a twist, and tranquil with an amazingly smooth texture and out-of-this world taste.

Chenelle will continue to wow people with her sweet confections through her passion of creating the best tasting desserts ever! At Sweet Synergy, Chenelle is in charge of baking, decorating, and creating a perfect blend of harmony and sweetness with every confection.

Sales Director – Desire Kimbrough has been with Sweet Synergy since day one. She has outstanding sales skills and has been an integral part of Sweet Synergy reaching its goals. Desiree loves connecting with customers and helping them choose the best confections for fit their taste. 


Mission | Vision | Goal:

Our mission is to strive and maintain unique distinction in small desserts and deliver services that gain a first class reputation for providing our customers with a diverse yet fulfilling taste. We will provide informed hospitality which attracts new and repeat customers year after year. We pledge to work collaboratively as a staff to deliver our customers with a valuable service in the highest professional manner. We will deliver a superior choice of exclusive confections for our customers to appreciate as they experience a perfect blend of sweetness and harmony.

Our vision is to become a leading and exclusive local baking business by consistently providing a combination of outstanding customer satisfaction and perfectly crafted desserts that create loyalty, longevity, and integrity.

Our goal is to be a proactive and innovative baking business that partners with our clients by providing exceptional customer care and perfectly crafted desserts; which, delivers classic and custom orders based on the clients’ needs.


• Excellent Customer Satisfaction

• Superior Service

• Professionalism

• Custom Confections